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Eugene Professional Golf Instruction


My Story

My journey in golf began at one of my favorite courses, Pendleton Country Club. During my college years at Oregon State University, I was known for my consistency on the course and was honored as a Division 1 All-American. Golf has always been my passion, and my strategic gameplay, precise mid and long irons, and intense focus have helped me stand out in the golf world since the beginning.

Winning both the 1995 Pacific Coast Amateur and the Pacific Northwest Golf Association (PNGA) Championship etched my name in the history of Northwest amateur golf. These victories served as milestones, affirming my ability to compete at the highest levels of amateur golf.

One of the most memorable chapters in my golfing story was a head-to-head battle with Tiger Woods. Our final-round clash at the PAC-10 Championship was electric. I vividly remember carding a 68 to Tiger's 71, a day where my game and nerves aligned perfectly, leaving an indelible mark in my memory.

Transitioning to the professional circuit presented a new challenge. Though major championship victories eluded me, I carried the spirit of Oregon with me, channeling the precision and dedication instilled during my collegiate years. The respect of my peers and the support of fans fueled my pursuit on the fairways.

Off the greens, I remained committed to giving back. Supporting junior golf programs and engaging in charitable initiatives were ways I sought to leave a lasting impact, nurturing budding talent and contributing beyond the scorecards.

My journey, from the greens of Pendleton, Oregon, to the professional ranks, stands as a testament to perseverance, sportsmanship, and an unwavering passion for the game. Today, I continue to share my love for golf, aiming to inspire future generations while cherishing the memories and lessons that shaped my incredible journey.

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