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Birk's Golf Academy is a comprehensive golf training program located at Shadow Hills Country Club that offers professional coaching and state-of-the-art technology to golfers of all skill levels. The academy's experienced coaches provide personalized instruction and guidance to help golfers improve their game and reach their full potential.

Academy Skills



The ability to display a consistent and powerful golf swing requires a set of skills and knowledge collectively known as posture. To lay the foundation for good posture, we begin by teaching the basics of body position during setup. As the golfer advances to higher levels, they will develop the ability to sustain proper posture dynamically while executing the swing.


The ability to hit the golf ball far relies on a golfer's power, which encompasses all the necessary skills and knowledge. It's crucial for the game's enjoyment that players can hit the ball a reasonable distance. To give our golfers the greatest chance of success, we prioritize teaching them the most important technical skills and fundamentals first, which will enable them to hit the ball far.


The mastery of the grip requires golfers to possess the necessary technical skills and knowledge. The grip represents the golfer's closest connection to the clubface, and it plays a critical role in facilitating proper swinging of the golf club. As such, it is imperative to maintain a proper grip.


Ball Flight contains the technical skills and knowledge our golfers needs to demonstrate to be able to use the club efficiently to execute a golf shot. These skills teach the golfer how to execute different types of shots and cover the basics of controlling the club face and club path through impact.


Alignment gives our golfers a solid base for understanding how important learning to align at their target is. Alignment is very important to be as efficient as possible. Once the golfer progresses through the first few levels we begin to cover how to change the alignments to influence different types of ball flight.


To become a great putter, one must demonstrate a comprehensive set of technical skills and knowledge. The putter is a crucial tool in a golfer's arsenal, as its primary purpose is to roll the ball into the hole. Acquiring this skill enables golfers to efficiently use the putter to achieve their goal of sinking the ball into the hole.


Green Reading encompasses the complete set of knowledge and competencies that a golfer must possess in order to attain mastery in reading greens. Throughout the course, students are instructed on a range of green reading skills, from fundamental to intricate, that enable them to anticipate precisely how the ball will roll, thereby elevating their putting proficiency to a mastery level.

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