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Coach Now allows me to connect with golfers worldwide. You no longer need to live near a PGA Professional to benefit from their expertise—all you need is your phone and a golf club. Your latest lessons are always accessible on the app, ensuring you can refer to them whenever needed without forgetting any valuable information passed along by your coach. The benefits include:

1.Location Flexibility: Take lessons from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial if you live in a remote area or if there are no local golf instructors available.

2.Convenient Scheduling: Fit lessons into your busy schedule without the need to take time off work or other commitments. You can avoid rushing to pick up the kids or find a time that matches the instructor's availability.

3.Lessons Library: Access your lessons on the app and re-watch them as many times as necessary to fully understand the concepts taught. This is helpful for those who need more time to absorb the material.

4.Customized Learning: Receive tailored, detailed video responses based on your level of experience, skill, and goals. This personalized approach can be more effective than a one-size-fits-all method.


- Smartphone with the Skillest app installed
- Access to a range or an at-home setup, including a hitting net and golf mat
- Tripod
- Alignment sticks (optional; a golf club or yardstick can be used instead)


- Single Lesson: $75
  - Includes professional level swing analysis with voice-over by Keith, side-by-side video comparison with PGA Tour players, personalized instruction & drills filmed by Keith, and text communication with Keith during & after the lesson.

- 3-Lesson Package: $199
  - Includes 3 unique codes for redeemable single online lessons, each with the same features as the single lesson package.

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